Free, easy-to-use excel templates to help you streamline the most common product data cleaning manipulations for eCommerce.   

Pre-set with powerful formulas to boost your efficiency, regardless of your excel skill level.

Identifying discontinued items template

The problem:

Your supplier has sent you their latest product file. Unfortunately, instead of defining which products have been discontinued, they have simply deleted them from the file. Now you have no easy way of knowing which products you need to remove from your site.

The Solution:

This excel template provides a quick way to see which products are missing between 2 different data sets, providing an easy way to identify discontinued items.

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Find and Bulk Replace Template

The Problem:

You have received a new product file from your supplier but it contains many industry shortcodes and acronyms. These can be difficult for shoppers to interpret and understand and hinder on-site search where shoppers are likely to use full words.

The solution:

Use the excel SUBSTITUTE function to bulk find and replace values. This excel template provides a quick process to expand shortened words and acronyms to improve product information on your store.

Product data cleansing template

Merging Two Data Sets Template

The problem:

You have 2 data sets or spreadsheets you need to merge to get a full set of attributes. For example, you have your online store product list which maybe 100 products and you have been sent a price file from your vendor of 1000 prices. You need to only match up the products in your file with the prices from the vendor file.


The Solution:

Use the excel XLOOKUP function to merge the two different data sets. This excel template provides a quick process for merging two different data sets, providing an efficient way to get a full list of attributes.


Data cleaning template

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